Types of Slot Machines – Themes, Variations and Strategies

We aren’t sure about you, but one of the most favorite and amazing things about Slot Machines is the availability of the game in different types and variations you can choose to play. Whenever you Google, the results would display you Traditional Slots, Progressive Slots, and more. Without a doubt, people are playing gambling games for many decades and have lasted through some challenging times. Nowadays, online casinos are a multi-billion dollar industry. The majority of players join Online Casinos hoping to win big and make their dreams come true. Although winning all the time isn’t possible, sometimes you need to lose the match to win. Similarly,

You would be amazed to know that in the past, Slot Machines weren’t considering must profitable as other table games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. There is no doubt that in the past the Slot machines are only classified as women-only and had succeeded to grab the attention of a few men. Now, the time has changed and Slot Machines proved itself as one of the most profitable games among others because it is now available in different variations and themes. Thousands of casinos are available worldwide; each one is offering unique rules and strategies to follow to win the game.

Types of Slot Variations You can choose from

A couple of minutes are required to learn about different types of Slot Machines you can discover either online or Brick and mortar Casinos. Seriously, you can play the mentioned slot variations in your nearby land-based casinos, too.

  • Video Slots – It seems similar to any video game that comes with cut-scenes, bonus rounds, and animations. Included all said elements, the game features a friendly user-interface that makes the game fun to play.
  • Traditional Slots – It is known as a classic slot (also referred to as one-armed bandits). It comes with 3-reel slots that make use of diamonds, fruits, and bars as symbols.
  • 3D Slots – It works similar to Video Slots, except for the animations and graphics. You don’t need any glasses when playing the game.
  • Progressive Slots – Are you ready for a surprise? Progressive Slot Machines comes with Jackpots you can win after making winning combinations required by the game.
  • Fixed Jackpot – In this game, you have an opportunity of winning the jackpot, though it won’t grow.
  • Dollar Slots – It lets you place your bet of min $1 per spin.  
  • Penny Slots – You exceed the limit of bet set as one cent per spin.

Slot Machine Themes

Different types of themes available you can choose from to set, although some games don’t let you change the theme. We have compiled a list of some best common Slot Machine themes:

  • Game Shows
  • Movies
  • Cars
  • Horrors
  • Norse Mythology
  • Romance
  • Wild West
  • Sports
  • Comic Books
  • Animals
  • Celebrities
  • Retro
  • Pop Culture
  • Pirates

And more.

Types of Slot Machines – Themes, Variations and Strategies

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